Elle Vue

My name is Elle Vue, I am 23 years old, and I have a BA in English Writing from Loyola University New Orleans. In my free time I am an avid reader of 16th & 19th century literature, Greek classics, 1920s novels, and all philosophy. I also enjoy ballet, French, fashion, and painting (though I am not a great painter).

On this blog I will have four categories: “Writing Tips,” “Prompts,” “My Poetry,” and “Random Thoughts.” Later on I may add a category about book suggestions or perhaps essay writing, but for now this is enough!

Writing Tips will include: ideas for writers blocks, ways to reframe an idea, tricks for making papers shorter or more captivating, etc.

Prompts will include broad topics usually based on nature or a “universal truth.” I believe narrow topics discourage writers from taking full creative control. Prompts should act as a guide and a tool, not a recipe for a great poem.

My Poetry is going to serve as a main component of this blog, but I’ve yet to decide what form to post it in.

Random Thoughts is the only sections that acts as sort-of a wild card. It’s going to be beginnings of short stories, drunk slurs, 3:00 am thoughts, etc. I applaud the poor sap who chooses to read these.

Well, that’s the gist of what this blog will be! I hope it does not disappoint

–Elle Vue

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