Websites All Poets Should Visit

by Ellen Gwin

1. Publishing Tools:

Poets & Writers:

“Poets & Writers” posts about different writing contests, Literary Magazines, contains database to research different presses, advice articles on publishing, and guides.


Magazines and presses post listings and ask for poets to submit their work for review. The listing usually states a topic, how many pages to submit, and whether or not to include a bio.

Kindle Direct Publishing:

KDP allows writers to self-publish e-books and paperbacks for free. Easily upload a manuscript and an image for the book cover and KDP makes it into a book for sale on amazon. The website is very user friendly and provides templates, guides, and self-publishing tips.

Poetry Foundation:

A well-known literary journal, just be sure not to submit anything you’ve posted on instagram.

Kenyon Review:

Another well-known literary journal, again, just be sure not to submit anything you’ve posted on instagram.

2. Promotion Tools

Poets & Writers:

“Poets & Writers” has a list of different literary events (virtual & in-person) as well as resources for connecting with other poets.


Writers post their own listing on this website and wait for responses. This is usually done with commissioned work. However, writers can also respond to other people’s listings and offer to write for them.


Use wordpress to post your poetry, prompts, writing tips, and other content in an organized manner. Just be sure to use hashtags so your work will be seen!


Hellopoetry is website you can use to publish your poetry, submit poetry to publishers, and meet other writers.

3. Educational Tools

Poets & Writers:

“Poets & Writers” holds workshops all around the US. Currently all workshops are held online due to COVID-19. There is a fee and an application.

Poetry Foundation:

“Poetry Foundation” posts articles on improving writing for all age groups and contains a glossary for poetic terms.

Kenyon Review:

Holds workshops for different ages and interests.

BBC Poetry

On BBC Poetry you’ll find poetry guides, readings, interviews, and advice.

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