5 Tips to Write More Throughout the Week

By Ellen Gwin

  1. Carry a Pocket Sized Notebook
    Write while you’re in transportation or other small breaks
    When you randomly get inspiration
    To quickly jot down a phrase or observation to return to later
  2. Seek inspiration in supposedly mundane places
    Routine: hair, driving, work
    Art you see daily
    Photos/videos on social media
  3. Let writing be relaxing
    Heat up a some tea and take the time to write
    Make a snack plate and eat while writing
    Paint your toenails while you write
    Go for a stroll and bring a small notepad
  4. Read in the morning and plan what you’ll write in your head throughout the day
    Read prompts, definitions, about certain symbols, etc.
  5. Set aside 30 minutes just for writing right before an activity
    Before a shower, bed, work, breakfast, etc.
  6. Mostly importantly, allow yourself to breathe
    For some, writing daily is a great habit to get into but if it’s causing stress then it’s not the writing tactic for you! Always make sure your hobbies and passions are enjoyable.

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